where is the line

chalk, bricks and bones
I crushed bones with bricks tied to my feet
a durational performance

first performed 10 March 2010
Curated by YES YES Space Tess Maunder
Presented by Room60, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Tracing the lines of space, maps, inside, outside, private, public, pain, beauty, love and hate.

It is the dichotomy, the paradox that simultaneously binds and repels.

Somewhere between purgatory, and play, parchment and placenta, the space is both there and not there, as we are both inside and outside, present and absent.

Remnants from actions in the city will be installed in the space, leaving traces of what was; evidence of existing, but no longer, neither here, nor there.

The space once empty is now enlivened are you with me.


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