Sentiments of War

500mls of blood
500 empty shotgun cartridges
“what are your thoughts about the affect/effect of war?”
“what are your hopes for peace?”
reload the cartridge with your thoughts and my blood
repeat for as long as possible

Sentiments of War is an exploration into the happening of war – war between nations, war within countries, war within cities, war within families, war within ourselves.

About the possibility of metaphysical transformation: objects once purposed for violence – now hoping for peace.

Sentiments of War examines human condition; the e(a)ffect of war, the veracity of war, the frequency of war, the reasons for war, the need for war?

Will we, can we ever get along?

Sentiments of War originally grew out of a previous work 1Litre of Blood, 100kgs of Bullets. Sentiments of War was commissioned by Leibniz in 2008 (http://www.leibnizlab.co.uk) and was first performed alongside Leibniz’s work, Book of Blood 3 as part of the Performing Rights program at the National Review of Live Art, supported by Arts Queensland.


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