is war normal
a 24 hr durational performance
first performed at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, Brisbane
Friday Fri Dec 5, 2008 18:30 – Saturday Dec 6 18:30

image credit: Rebecca Cunningham

Normality – a new 24 hour durational performance installation by Rebecca Cunningham, an exploration in into the human condition, the e(a)ffect of war, the veracity of war, the frequency of war, the reasons for war, the need for war(?),

During her twenty four hour occupation of The Judys Shopfront, Cunningham will ask the question “Is War Normal?”

Wherever I turn, war is there: war in the west, war in the east, war(r)in(g) politics, war when we look left, war when we look right, war at the stock-market (exchange/s), war in the street/s, war in the news/papers, war in our homes, war having a part of each conversation, war( )in(g) minds.


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