Friends & Links

7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art – http://www.7a-11d.ca/

AGORA8  – www.agora8.org

Aidana Rico & Ignacio Pérez Pérez – http://www.antesdenadaydespuesdetodo.net

Asia Art Archive – http://www.aaa.org.hk/home.aspx

Asiatopia – http://asiatopia.blogspot.com/2008/10/bangkok-celebrates-10th-anniversary-of.html

Artaction.pl –   www.artaction.pl

ARTCONCEPT Festival  –  http://artconcept.narod.ru

Artsadmin –   www.artsadmin.co.uk

Art Service Association – www.asa.de

BBeyond   –  www.bbeyondperformance.org

Beyond Pressure – http://www.beyondpressure.org/

Black Market International –  www.asa.de/projects/index.htm

Castle of the Imagination – http://www.performance.art.pl/en/12castle.html

Day de Dada – http://daydedada.com/

The Digital Performance Archive – http://www.bristol.ac.uk/theatrecollection/liveart/liveart_DPA.html

epipiderme – http://epipiderme.blogspot.com/

Fado Performance Inc  –   www.performanceart.ca

Fetter Field  – www.geocities.com/fetterfield2007/index.htm

Future of the Imagination [FOI] – http://www.foi.sg/

Guangzhou Live International Art Action Festival – http://guangzhoulive.org/index.html

Henrik Hedinge – www.henrikhedinge.org

IAPAO: international association of performance art organizations –www.iapao.net

IPAH – http://www.i-pa.org

KHOJ International Aritst’s Association – http://khojworkshop.org/

LALA (Live Art List Australia) – http://liveartlistaustralia.wordpress.com/

Live Action: International Performance Art Festival – http://www.liveaction.se/

Live Art Development Agency –  www.thisisliveart.co.uk

Live Art Incubator –  www.punctum.com

Live Art UK  –  www.liveartuk.org

Momentum – http://www.momentum-festival.org/intro.php

NAVINKI – http://www.navinkifestival.org

New Moves International – www.newmoves.co.uk

New Work Network –  www.newworknetwork.org.uk

Nhasan Studio – http://nhasanstudio.org/web/index.php

NIPAF – http://www.avis.ne.jp/~nipaf/

PANDA: Performing Arts Network and Development Agency –

PERFORMA – http://performa-arts.org

Performance Art Union of Latvia – http://performance.lv/Jaunumi/49&lang=en

Performance Kunst  –  www.performancekunst.no/en

Performance Space – http://www.performancespace.com.au/

PERFORMANCELOGÍA – www.performancelogia.org

Performerstammtisch – http://performerstammtisch.de/

POW – http://www.myspace.com/powminiperformanceartfestival

SPART ACTION – www.spartaction.com

trace: – http://www.tracegallery.org/

Tulca – www.tulca.ie

Unbound | Live Art and Performance Publishing –  www.thisisunbound.co.uk

Undisclosed territory performance art event  www.lemahputih.com/undisclosedterritory.html

Up-on Live Art Space – www.up-onspace.com

ZAZ Festival – http://www.miklat209.org.il/41561/zaz2010



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