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ONE tomorrow at the Mad Scientist Tea Party – The Queensland State Library The Edge

Tomorrow @ The Queensland State Libaray The Edge
Come and join us for a Mad Scientist Tea Party
There will be a few quick speakers – where ONE will be – with key note by the amazing…

Svenja Kratz !!
Svenja Kratz is an interdisciplinary artist interested in the intersections and creative possibilities within art and science. Based in Brisbane, for the past three years she has produced an evolving series of exhibitions collectively titled The Absence of Alice. Her work maps the creative evolution and movement of this initial project into other areas of applied biology, including genetic engineering, and primary culture of human and fetal calf cells. She is currently completing a PhD in bio-media art, looking at of cell and tissue cultures at QUT in a creative partnership between the Creative Industries Faculty and Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI).
Can’t make it? Stream this session live online with Kondoot.



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